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15 Best Cheap Memorial Day Men’s Fashion Sales Items



summer steals

Wow, summer 2020 really looking like it’s cancelled these days, huh? But if you’re thinking you’re off the hook when it comes to putting together your warm-weather drip this year, you got another think coming, guy. You know your boy’s been in the studio cheffing for a minute now, and there’s no stopping this momentum. Fuck out of here. Like the good doctor says: I been in the lab with a pen and a pad trying to get these damn outfits off. The show goes on!

Memorial Day is the opportune time to stock up on all the components you need to cook up the drip of your (pre-pandemic) dreams, even if the only place you can show it off now is in front of the full-length mirror you immediately hauled to the living room as soon as lockdown hit.

If you’re pressed for cash, I rounded up a handy selection of heat all below $50 to help you flick yourself up with minimal financial investment on your end. Happy shopping you heathens. Let the games begin.

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Classic T-Shirt

Buy ’em in bulk and then never look back. 

Tie Dye Crew Sock

Polo Ralph Lauren


Socks with sandals season. 

Poplin Camp Short Sleeve Shirt

For optimal results pair with aforementioned socks and sandals.

Class V Belted Trunks

The North Face


The easiest way to always look trail-ready. 

Levi’s XX Chino Crop

Dude, please don’t tell me you still haven’t smashed the buy button on these.  

501 Original Fit Jeans

Can’t beat the classics. 

Round Clear Sunglasses

Sun Kyoto


A sweet pair of shades: still the easiest way to elevate any outfit. 

Cozy Basketball Shorts



Americana Hi Shoes

An Adidas classic, now temporarily slashed to half off.

Short-Sleeve Polo Sweater

Who says you can’t wear a sweater in the summer?

Reverse Weave Tearaway Shorts



Old-school style in spades. 

Slim-Fit Linen-Cotton Resort Shirt

Banana Republic


Very big vacation vibes. 

Linen Knit Resort Shirt

Banana Republic


Reversible Cap

Two equally cool caps for the price of one. 

Blue Bold Ni LX Sneakers

I’m not going to lie: I literally bought a pair of these before adding them to this list. (Still plenty of sizes left, you selfish bastards.)  

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