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15 royal family sunglasses pictures that are pure chaotic energy



Sunglasses are one of those fashion staples that, sadly, don’t seem to stand the test of time. Just ask the royal family. Or anyone who lived through the 2000s.

One minute oversized, bug-eyed aviators are all the rage. The next, it’s all about wearing the teeniest, tiniest frames you can find. The royals don’t often wear sunglasses, but when they do, they step out in some surprisingly bold frames.

From Queen Elizabeth II’s bedazzled designs and Princess Anne’s snazzy speed dealers to Prince H Matrix style, there’s no shortage of fashion ‘looks’ that are equal parts nostalgic and glorious.

Here are the most glorious throwbacks of the royal family sporting some particularly memorable eyewear choices…


Royals sunglasses – Princess Anne, 2018

Princess Anne is a fan of the edgy speed dealer style and I don’t care what naysayers think, I’m obsessed with this entire look.


Royals sunglasses – Queen Elizabeth II, 1994

Here’s the Queen trying on the special sporting sunglasses worn by the ex-England Cricket Captain, presumably to just see how they are, but I’m not totally convinced it’s a coincidence that they match her violet dress…


Royals sunglasses – Prince Harry, 1991

The love of speed dealers really runs in the family, huh? Start ’em young seems to be the mantra, with baby faced Prince Harry looking adorable rocking a kids version while skiing.


Royals sunglasses – Princes Charles, 1996

Prince Charles’ sunglasses are something out of an 80s music video.


Royals sunglasses – Princess Diana & Sarah, Duchess of York, 1987

Sarah Ferguson (AKA Fergie) prefers a blue-trim version whereas Diana’s all about the reflective gold lens.


Royals sunglasses – Queen Elizabeth II, 2012

Throwing caution to the wind, the Queen wore these tinted sunglass-style 3D glasses back in 2012 to watch her Christmas speech recording in 3D for the first time.


Royals sunglasses – Kate Middleton, 2006

Yup, pretty sure we all had a pair of Kate’s thin and curved frames back in the early noughties.


Royals sunglasses – Prince Harry, 2001

Neo from the Matrix called, he wants his glasses back.


Royals sunglasses – Princess Diana, 1994

Of course Diana pulls of these amber-hued, thick-armed sunnies. They’re bold and beautiful.


Royals sunglasses – Prince William, 2004

Don’t even get me started on these.


Royals sunglasses – Queen Elizabeth II, 2010

My word, is that diamonté detailing on the side of the Queen’s sunglasses? By Jove, I think it is.


Royals sunglasses – Princes Charles, 1991

So it seems Charles is really into his frames. Any takers for this pair of silver beauties, worn by the Prince on his visit to Brazil with Diana in 1991?


Royals sunglasses – Princess Anne, 1999

Anne loves ALL OF THE MIRROR. Seriously though, you could do your eye makeup in this reflection.


Royals sunglasses – Prince Harry

Or these aqua blue aviators for that matter.


Royals sunglasses – Kate Middleton, 2015

Ok so technically these aren’t sunglasses they’re 3D glasses, but we couldn’t help including this picture. How cute does Kate look??

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