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9 Fun Emerging Fashion Brands That Are Providing An Escape Amidst Uncertain Times



Fashion is a special art. As the form of expression that people live their lives in, clothing has the ability to serve as a conduit for mood, both at the individual and the collective level. So, as the world navigates new and profound challenges like never before, it’s no surprise that the masses are reaching for a new, fun, decidedly escapist aesthetic. Luckily, a host of fun emerging fashion brands have answered the call, and a spattering of cheerful styles are coming with it.

In stark contrast to moodier styles that have defined New York and French-girl fashion, Instagram has been teeming with garments that play with motifs from our childhood — sky-blue, cloud-punctuated handbags, storybook-worthy cardigans, and daisy-strung bracelets, for example. Still, the desire for joyful wares amidst times of uncertainty is far from new — kawaii (in Japanese, cute) culture famously exploded as a cheerful juxtaposition to life in postwar Japan. Retreating into a sort of child-like nostalgia, the phenomenon offered a space for playfulness and individuality during a time that lacked certitude and identity. Thus, the aesthetic went from a trend to a cultural cornerstone, sticking around throughout Japanese fashion today.

That said, the cute-sy trend hitting the market today is well worth a closer look — and the whimsical brands who are going viral, quickly are the perfect place to start. Continue ahead:

We only include products that have been independently selected by The Zoe Report’s editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

TK Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: KINA & TAM

Famous for curating “children clothing for bigger humans,” Kina & Tam’s cult influencer following is grounds enough to explore the brand’s mesh tops and storybook vests.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Blood & Honey

Founded in 2015, this Kyiv and New York-based store uses vibrant furs as a cornerstone of its cheery aesthetic. The brand’s fruit cardigans have been an It-girl favorite, but there’s tons more on its site worth browsing.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: YANYAN Knits

Based in Hong Kong, YANYAN’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is marked by a distinct DIY-spirit, drawing inspiration from yarn stores and knick knacks from a coastal artist neighborhood, Sham Shui Puo.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Lirika Matoshi

Since 2016, Lirika Matoshi’s namesake label has been known for evoking a romantic mood, which its daisy motifs and blue sky-sweaters fit perfectly into.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: is a California-based concept store, known for curating fashion and lifestyle goods that promote mental health and inspire a sunny state of mind.’s site sells favorites like Farm Rio and Rachel Antonoff, but the brand’s own styles are just as sweet:

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Neophyte Jewels

This small brand launched just over a year ago, and is already a favorite of Chiara Ferragni and Chriselle Lim. Handmade in Toronto, Neophyte calls on materials plucked from your childhood bead box, encouraging a spirit of creativity and identity through its accessories.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Sofie Sol Studio

With pillow-y frocks fit for a Valentino muse, Sofie Sol Studio is the womenswear fashion label that’s making a splash in Copenhagen right now. Its “Ice cream girl” striped dress above is one of several playful daywear designs — or, opt for taffetas for something more occasioned.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Holiday The Label

Already a Kourtney Kardashian favorite, Holiday the Label plucks inspiration from vintage souvenirs from tourist shops of the ’80s and ’90s, cultivating a print-loving line from the spirit of getting away.

Fun Emerging Fashion Brands: Lisa Says Gah

Known for offering It-girl favorites like Paloma Wool, Lisa Says Gah is the destination for a swath of cheery designs, including its daisy jewelry strands and “Gah!”-splayed goods.

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LVMH Squelches Speculation it Might Buy Cheaper Tiffany Shares – WWD




LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton said Thursday “it is not considering buying Tiffany shares on the market,” squelching speculation it could take advantage of a sharp drop in Tiffany’s value in recent days.

LVMH issued the statement “considering the recent market rumors” and did not elaborate.

However, it confirmed a WWD report that the board of the luxury giant met to review its $16.2 billion offer for Tiffany & Co. in light of a deteriorating situation in the U.S. market, Tiffany’s largest.

“The board of directors of LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, met on Tuesday, June 2, 2020 and notably focused its attention on the development of the pandemic and its potential impact on the results and perspectives of Tiffany & Co. with respect to the agreement that links the two groups,” it said.

WWD broke the news on June 2 that the luxury sector’s biggest deal ever was looking a lot less certain following the gathering.

Sources told WWD that board members expressed concern about the impact not only of the coronavirus pandemic, which has claimed more than 100,000 lives in America and wreaked widespread economic damage, but also of the growing social unrest over the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police.

The outpouring of anger over racial injustice in America has prompted widespread demonstrations and also looting and property destruction in many cities, scuttling attempts to get the economy moving again.

In addition, these sources said, LVMH board members voiced concerns about Tiffany’s ability to cover all its debt covenants at the end of the transaction, which was expected to be concluded mid-year.

Tiffany & Co. has been mum on the LVMH takeover – and market conditions in the U.S.

The Americas region — which includes the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile — accounted for 43 percent of Tiffany’s net sales in fiscal 2019, according to the company’s web site.

Tiffany was expected to release its first-quarter results on Friday, but the company said in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing that it was pushing that back to Tuesday. No reason was given for the delay.

The jeweler’s stock fell 2.4 percent to $114.24 on Wednesday, extending the 8.9 percent drop on Tuesday after the WWD report. (LVMH’s stock fared just fine after the possibility of no deal cropped up and rose 2.2 percent to 393.45 euros in Paris).

Last November, LVMH agreed to acquire Tiffany for $135 a share.

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Here’s Why You Have to Stop Working Out in Boardshorts Now




Stop Working Out in Boardshorts

It’s the stank. Don’t do it. Photo: Victor Freitas

The Inertia

Dudes, sit down. We need to have a serious talk about men’s fashion. Specifically, the intersection between men’s boardshorts and workout attire. This intersection should not exist. These two fashions are one-way streets on opposite sides of Fashion City. At no point should they be meeting for a salty embrace under the bench press. Am I the fashion police here to tell you how to dress? No – most days I look like I walked out of a PacSun circa 2004, so I can’t really claim any fashion authority. But I can warn you that your trunks are more likely to make you the most rank guy at the gym.

Maintaining your fashion sense while sweating is an undeniable trend. If you look good while working out, the thinking goes, then you feel better about yourself and push yourself harder. As a result, guys seem to be drawn to the fun and creative patterns boardshorts offer as opposed to the traditional training shorts. For many, they have become a go-to short for non-aquatic athletic activities.

But, despite being designed for surfing, a physically demanding sport, boardies are not meant for traditional exercise. If you look on the care label of your favorite trunks, you will notice they are made of tons of polyester and a small amount of various stretchy materials (typically elastic, spandex, or whatever the stuff Felipe Toledo’s yoga instructor’s garb is made of). This combination is great for surfing since it gives you a lightweight and flexible short able to withstand all manners of ripping. These also seem like the exact traits you would want out of a workout short – so why look elsewhere?

Because boardshorts turn the lower half of your body into a Petri dish. Polyester famously does not breathe, so wearing it while you sweat invites a party wave of odorous compounds onto your nether regions. They also are not cut like a traditional training short, so there is less airflow moving through your undercarriage. This greatly increases your chances of people looking at you the same way they look at rotting shellfish.

Thanks to the particular body parts that are suffocating, the stench that someone in boardshorts can generate while working out is much worse than typical BO. You already know the aroma – an intoxicating blend of armpit and ass that forces crowded rooms to choke back vomit. Somehow, the originator of this smell usually does not seem to realize how disgusting he is and is unable to pick up on the social cues from everyone around him. If people around you always keep their distance and recoil in horror at your presence, then it’s a safe bet that you either reek or are part of the surf school flooding my local break.

Aside from being a social pariah, continuing to invite the Florida Everglades into your pants could lead to skin problems. Rashes, acne, and fungus may not smell bad, but they are going to look and feel super gnarly in the exact places you do not want to look and feel super gnarly. It would be difficult to explain to your Tinder date that your situation downstairs is a result of your dedication to the weight room and not an STD. Love is temporary, but herpes is forever.

Are all men that wear boardshorts to exercise stank dudes with STD-like symptoms? No. Boardshorts do not instantly transform you into the most offensive guy in the gym, but they do set you up to fail. Regardless of if you are a funk-prone person or not, it’s common courtesy to try your best to avoid being compared to a dead pile of seaweed. So, do yourself and everyone else around you a favor and save your boardshorts for the beach. It’s hard to maintain that athletic fashionista aesthetic when you smell like a rank gym sock.

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