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Best Allbirds Shoes 2020: Reviews, Materials, Top Styles Men and Women



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As coronavirus measures continue to be enforced throughout the U.S., people are changing their wardrobes to suit the new stay-at-home lifestyle. Comfort and function have become key, leading most to curate a new rotation of T-shirts, sweats and slippers while their office attire gathers dust. Most fashion brands have been slow in adapting to this new norm, but a few have actually thrived. One such brand: Allbirds.

Allbirds launched in 2016 with an eco-conscious mission and a very clever product: merino wool . Their initial Wool Runner quickly became a hit by straddling comfort and function – all while looking cool. Surprisingly, superfine merino wool makes an excellent material for athletic footwear with plenty of flexibility, sweat-wicking capabilities and incredible breathability. Plus, unlike most athletic shoes, Allbirds’ Wool Runner felt like a slipper, leading many shoppers to grab a pair for weekend lounging, running errands or traveling. And to top it off, they can be thrown in the washing machine to remove stains and sanitize — perfect for the current environment, where keeping your belongings clean and disinfected is of utmost important.

After the success of the Wool Runner, Allbirds expanded their lineup with new models including the extra-cozy Wool Loungers. In 2018 the brand proved to be more than a one-hit-wonder by releasing another innovative, eco-friendly line made from eucalyptus tree fibers. Like Allbirds’ Wool line, the Tree line offers a similar breathability, soft feel and minimal style.

Now that we’re all staying at home most of the day and (hopefully) going for a jog or backyard workout, Allbirds have become an obvious choice  — and the best Allbirds shoes are backed by thousands of positive reviews, from people who use them as indoor shoes, to fans who like how lightweight they are as an vegan-friendly alternative to leather sneakers. They’re crazy comfy, great for the occasional workout and way cooler to rock in public than those old slippers or flip-flops.

If, like most Americans, you’re looking to upgrade your quarantine wardrobe, read on. Below are a few of the best Allbirds shoes for men and women to wear right now.

1. Men’s Wool Runners

The original Wool Runner is still one of Allbirds’ best creations. Style-wise, they’re understated and easy to pair with everything from joggers and a tee, to chinos and a button-up.

But the real showstopper with the Wool Runner is, of course, the do-it-all merino wool. The unique material delivers serious performance on the athletic front with breathability and sweat-wicking abilities, making the Wool Runner great for jogging as well as cross-training or hiking. But while the Wool Runner is great for working out, it’s also very capable of the complete opposite: lounging. The fabric feels like a slipper, and best of all, it feels best without socks.

allbirds wool runners reviews best running shoes

Courtesy Allbirds

Men’s Wool Runners, $95, available at Allbirds

2. Men’s Wool Loungers

Most of us are currently in the market for a new pair of house shoes and Allbirds’ Wool Loungers are a great pick. The slip-ons feature soft wool throughout the lining and an upper that’s warm enough for winter but won’t leave your feet sweaty. The midsole is also built for comfort with SweetFoam, a bouncy material made (ethically, of course) from Brazillian sugarcane.

The shoes are ideal for staying indoors on chilly days, but this midsole makes them fully equipped for a quick trip to the store. And, as you can see, these loungers are much more stylish than those bulky slippers we’ve all been wearing for years.

slip on shoes wool lounger men's allbirds reviews

Courtesy Allbirds

Men’s Wool Loungers, $95, available at Allbirds

3. Men’s Tree Dashers

Another great athletic shoe from Allbirds is the Tree Dasher. It’s slightly more performance-focused than the Wool Runner, showcasing Allbirds’ technical progression over the past few years. The Eucalyptus fiber upper is just as breathable and lightweight as the wool, only a bit more rugged.

The midsole gets an upgrade as well with dual-density sugarcane, providing energy return and comfort on long runs. Plus, Allbirds uses a wool heel liner to lock your foot in place. And even with all these high-performance features, the Tree Dashers will still be one of the most comfortable errand-running or lounging shoes in your closet.

tree dasher training shoes men's allbirds reviews

Courtesy Allbirds

Men’s Tree Dashers, $125, available at Allbirds

4. Women’s Tree Skippers

If you’re looking for an easy everyday sneaker, check out Allbirds’ Tree Skippers. The style is reminiscent of a boat shoe, only more modern and versatile than, say, Sperry Top-Siders. Allbirds’ eucalyptus material lends softness, flexibility and breathability, plus odor-reduction thanks to the fabric’s sweat-wicking capabilities. And best of all? No need for socks.

Because the shoes are so low-key and easy to wear, they’re great around the house. However, a low-density, well-cushioned sole means you can actually do some walking in these kicks, making them great for errands or a walk around the neighborhood.

women's allbirds tree skippers review

Courtesy Allbirds

Women’s Tree Skippers, $95, available at Allbirds

5. Women’s Tree Runners

Allbirds’ Tree Runners have proven once again that great athletic shoes can be made from unlikely material. These runners utilize Allbirds’ innovative eucalyptus fiber construction, wicking-sweat and minimizing odor during intense workouts. But, as with their other shoes, this soft breathability makes the Tree Runners a lounge companion as well as a trainer.

As for styling the Tree Runners, you get plenty of options thanks to the low-key, modern look. Channel athleisure with leggings and a hoodie, or rock them with cuffed jeans and a tee or crisp button-up.

women's running shoes allbirds reviews

Courtesy Allbirds

Women’s Tree Runners, $95, available at Allbirds

6. Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles

With the cold months approaching, it might be time to upgrade your fall footwear. These Wool Runner Mizzles are a very solid pick. They make use of wool’s more traditional task – keeping you warm – but the kicks are still streamlined and subdued. The wool on these Mizzles is also treated for water protection against rain and puddles. Plus, a non-slip sole ensures grip on wet streets or icy trails. We think the Wool Runner Mizzles are especially suitable for winter of 2020, as they make good indoor feet-warmers in case of a continued quarantine.

warm sneakers allbirds reviews

Courtesy Allbirds

Women’s Wool Runner Mizzles, $115, available at Allbirds

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