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Luxury Label FELLA Offers Simple, Sexy Swimwear That You’ll Want To Wear All Summer



Founded in 2012 by Rosie Iffla and Christine Tang is the glamourous swimwear label we should be wearing this summer, FELLA.

The company is based in Sydney and came about when the pair spotted a gap in the market for simple silhouettes that while looking stylish, provide support too. And so, the women focus on an impeccable fit, not an easy task when it comes to swimwear but something they’ve conquered.

The result? A collection of mix-and-match bikini separates and one-pieces crafted from quality Italian Lycra that combines longevity with comfort.

They’re in a whole variety of shapes too, meaning there is something to suit all body types. There’s underwired bikini tops for extra bust support and classic bandeau tops as well as high waisted briefs, and teeny-weeny bottoms for maximum tanning if that’s more your thing.

Plus, there’s a range of colorways (block color and prints), yes there is classic black but there’s also white, pink, coral, grey and a sweet yellow floral print (it has a retro feel) that features in their latest campaign. So, yes, all the boxes are ticked with this brand, now all you have to do is shop it.

Co-founder Christine Tang-Corte shares their brand story to date.

Felicity Carter: What was your first fashionable memory?

Christine Tang-Corte: The first memory which resonates with me was our first campaign shoot prior to launching Numero Uno, back in 2013. We had worked so hard over that year to get to this point, so when it came time to shoot and the excitement when we got the images back was incredible. This shoot defined who Fella was, and the launch was integral to setting to mood for Fella over the following years.

FC: How, when, why did you get into the industry?

CTC: Fresh out of fashion and design college, in 2001 I started a clothing label and production factory which I had for 12 years until Rosie (Iffla) and I launched Fella. I’ve always loved fashion and photography and it was very clear to me what I wanted to do.

FC: How would you sum up the aesthetic?

CTC: The Fella philosophy centres on uncompromising quality, timeless beauty, sustainable manufacturing, as well as being practical and flattering—for every woman.

FC: Who is your customer?

CTC: The modern woman 18 to 65, timeless, down-to-earth, independent and quietly confident. She wants something more exclusive, local, hand-crafted—luxurious

She seeks swimwear flattering to her individual physique. Our first business model was based on this – every swimsuit was made to order. Custom alterations were available to customers that required a little extra tailoring to their individual body shapes. We understood that everyone woman was different. 

FC: How has social media impacted your brand and how do you use it as a tool?

CTC: Social media is an integral part of our business. We launched Fella around the same time Instagram started to take off, when the algorithms were in real time. We saw organic sales and growth through word of mouth. As social media platforms over the years, became more savvy at making money from their users, we too had to adapt. We grew our team to focus on targeted advertising and creating brand awareness for Fella.

Social media for us is the most powerful way to engage customers who reach out to us through different channels, it has added dimension to our customer service and most importantly, helped to reach out to a bigger audience.

FC: What do each of you bring to the label?

CTC: Rosie and I have different roles in the business, mine being sales and production. Rosie’s, marketing and development. We both design and sample our seasons collections together. 

FC: What are the cornerstones of your company?

CTC: Fella is made up of a community of women and men who focus on the details. From the choice of fabrics to the art direction and words we use, attention to detail is key. However if we had pick our most important cornerstones, it would be quality and the fit of the swimwear.

FC: What is on your current mood board?

CTC: So far… water colour prints, earthy hues, art deco ribbon with classic and 70’s cuts.

FC: What’s your 5 year plan?

CTC: We just take it one season at a time.

FC: Where can we buy?

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Fashion & Style

Sustainable cult tracksuit brand celebrates World Oceans Day




Sustainable cult tracksuit brand celebrates World Oceans Day

Responsible production is at the heart of Pangaia, a streetwear brand that uses natural dyes such as cherry blossom instead of harsh chemicals. To honour World Oceans Day on Monday 8 June 2020, it launches organic cotton

Pangaia has rocketed to cult status over the past 18 months by placing sustainability at its core, calling itself ‘a materials science company on a mission to save our environment.’ New drops of its recycled cotton sweatshirts, joggers and T-shirts sell out within hours of landing on its website.

Known for its colourful tracksuits and sustainable practices, Pangaia takes its name from a compound of Pan, meaning ‘all-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion’ and Gaia, meaning Mother Earth. Today, it launches news colours inspired by the world’s three largest bodies of water: The Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Other mouth-watering colours are created from natural botanical dyes such as red rubia root and cherry blossom – much kinder to the environment than harsh chemicals. 

Natural Fibres

Pangaia has been connected to the oceans since its inception. Partnering with the world’s leading research institutes has allowed the brand to develop a raft of new technology-based fabrics that can be responsibly produced. Primarily, the natural fibre used in the T-shirts is derived from salt-water seaweed, which grows abundantly in an ocean habitat without the need for pesticides or fresh water and is responsibly harvested to naturally regenerate. Also, thermal puffer jackets are insulated by cruelty-free FLWRDWN, a patented combination of biodegradable dried flowers and a biopolymer – it took over a decade to develop this proprietary science. In place of a brand logo, sweats carry the disclaimer, “This hoodie is made from recycled and organic cotton mix”. The clothes are produced in Portugal, a country lauded for its expert manufacturing and standards, and each product comes in TIPA packaging, a non-toxic bio-based plastic alternative that can be composted. 

Giving Back 

Philanthropy is woven through Pangaia’s operations. The brand is currently supporting SeaTreas, an ocean-focused climate change platform: $1 from each item sold is donated to towards the planting of a mangrove tree in Indonesia – each $1 buys one tree that sequesters 1 ton of CO2. Pangaia has also supported Doctors Without Borders and multiple wildlife sanctuaries and conservation programmes. 

Designed and run by a global collective of designers, scientists and technologists based mainly between New York and London, the brand is headed up by fashion industry entrepreneur Miroslava Duma. “We are a team of 90% women and it actually was not on purpose, but we think it’s extremely powerful that we are. These women are all leaders and visionaries in their respective fields- we have alumni from MIT, Stanford, FIT, INSEAD, we have former top management from LVMH, Kering, Boston Consulting Group etc. Mira Duma is the heart and soul of the collective,” says the brand, collectively.

Duckling yellow, persimmon, dusky lavendar and plum shades are inspired by the vibrant, juicy colours of wildlife and landscapes


Hoodie in ’Indian Ocean Blue’ for World Oceans Day

Trackpants in ’Atlantic Ocean Blue’

Long Sleeve Cropped T-Shirt in ’Pacific Ocean Blue’


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Local artists paint the plywood covering broken windows downtown




FORT WAYNE Ind. (Fort Wayne’s NBC) – Over 100 local artists are painting the plywood on boarded up businesses downtown. These artists teamed up with Art This Way and the Downtown Improvement District to re-purpose the boards on businesses.

The plywood covering windows broken from last weekend’s protests, are now canvases for artists.

“It felt like a obligation as an artist in our community and to bring awareness for the black community and oppression,” local artist, Theopolis Smith III said.

As a professional artist, he says he jumped at the chance to paint the boards covering the broken windows at Fortezza Coffee.

“The goal is to re-purpose but also once more, what’s going to happen after we paint these beautiful pictures,” Smith III said. “What are we going to do? What is the city going to do? And we have an obligation and a mandate to do such.”

Art This Way manager, Alexandra Hall, says over 100 artists reached out to her and now almost every piece of plywood downtown is painted.

“Obviously the boards can have a negative connotation,” Hall said. “Something negative did happen here, but obviously the business owners are interested in portraying the right message.”

She says there’s already 27 pieces being painted, each with a message. One of which, includes the word ‘peace’ painted in 67 different languages.

“It’s a glimmer of real hope and happiness,” Hall said. “It shows how much our community is aware.”

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