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Paris prosecutors seek trial for Kim Kardashian jewellery theft suspects



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The trial of 12 men accused over a Paris heist in which reality TV star Kim Kardashian was robbed of millions of dollars’ worth of jewellery appeared one step closer after prosecutors asked for the case go to court, a source told AFP.

Five members of the gang stormed the luxury residence where Kardashian was staying during Paris Fashion Week in 2016, holding the star at gunpoint and making off with a huge diamond ring and other gems worth a total of nine million euros ($9.5 million).

Prosecutors will seek to take the case to court for all 12 – who are currently at liberty but under legal supervision – charging them with armed robbery, kidnapping and criminal association, a judicial source said Wednesday.

Examining magistrates must now decide whether the case will proceed to trial, the source added, although any trial is not expected to begin until 2021.

Wearing police uniforms, the gang burst into Kardashian’s apartment, gagged and bound her and locked her in a bathroom before helping themselves to gems including a 20-carat Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring worth some four million euros.

One of the alleged robbers, Yunis Abbas, fleeing the scene on a bicycle, dropped a diamond-encrusted cross worth 30,000 euros, which was found by a passer-by a few hours later.

It remains the only piece to be recovered from the brazen heist, the biggest jewellery theft from an individual that France has seen in more than 20 years.

The alleged mastermind, Aomar Ait Khedache was arrested after his DNA was found at the site. 

He told investigators he had struggled to find a buyer for the Lorraine Schwartz ring, complaining it was “too recognisable” and that he had given it to an unidentified third party.


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Susan Collins’ Fourth of July tweet blew up in her face in spectacular fashion –




Susan Collins’ Fourth of July tweet blew up in her face in spectacular fashion –

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Viktor & Rolf Fall 2000 Couture Collection




Editor’s note: As we feel our way forward in this new world and way of presenting fashion, it seems a good time to revisit Viktor & Rolf’s poetic and perception-altering fall 2000 couture show. Their idea was to embellish clothes with bells. (Their jingles created the “soundtrack.” ) Heard, but not seen, the models progressed through a dense fog, gradually emerging into sight at the end of the runway, creating a sense of mystery. Guests were alerted to their presence first through sound; the visuals followed.

Forget the idea of immediate gratification—the designers instead gifted the audience with the thrill of anticipation, allowing guests time and space to create their own romantic fictions around the fantastic fashions. Here, 21 years later, the story of the collection—as told by Viktor Horsting.

[Looking back at our work], I’m always pleasantly surprised how there are certain themes that keep coming back and that are of interest to us, like the theme of the immaterial; trying to express something beyond the garment itself, something that goes beyond a presentation of a look of the season. That’s a recurring theme. Then I also smile at how naive we were.

We thought that if we started with couture, which is the top of the pyramid of fashion, the pinnacle, we could always go down; but it would be much more difficult the other way around. Obviously we didn’t answer to any of the requirements of the Chambre [Syndical de la Haute Couture] at the time, and still they allowed us on the calendar. It was partly idealistic reasoning starting at the top, and also it was something that we were somehow able to pull off. We did not have the resources to do a ready-to-wear show and ready-to-wear collection, with the production and the distribution and all of that. We didn’t have that, so we thought, ‘Okay, let’s start in couture and then take it from there.’

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Best Sun Hats Visor For Women 2020, According To Moms





To survive summer in style (frozen margarita in hand, of course), there are certain wardrobe must-haves that every mom needs. Now that you’ve hopefully picked out a bangin’ one-piece swimsuit, some sleek shades, and comfortable sandals that won’t give you blisters, a chic sun hat to match your cutie patootie is in order. When shopping for that perfect headpiece, you’ll want something that you can rock 24/7. If not to block out the sun (especially from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are the strongest), then to keep you cool when there’s not a beach umbrella in sight. Some questions to ask yourself: Can it easily be folded up/packed in a suitcase for a spontaneous excursion to the beach someday? Does it provide UV protection? It is functional and statement-making?

From wallet-friendly straw sun hats that you can snag on Amazon to trend-right bucket hats and sun visors (who knew?!?), we’re bringing you all the latest mom-friendly fashion finds. Get ready to spend summer at your kiddie pool looking like your favorite celebrity mamas and style influencers. Try a summer camp-worthy lewk with your favorite sunhat (outfit inspo courtesy of the lovely Reese Witherspoon) or take advantage of a matching mother-and-daugher moment (we’re looking at you, Jessica Alba!).

We don’t know who needs to hear this but you don’t need to spend $300+ on an embroidered sun hat from Eugenia Kim. 😉 Amazon has you covered with a strikingly similar floppy straw beach hat for a fraction of the price… Choose from 40 unique sayings like “hello sunshine” for a panache-packed look that you can pull off anywhere. Perhaps, the best part is that you can also score one for your mini for a matching mommy and me moment. If anything, buy it for the ‘gram! Says one Amazon customer, “I am not a hat person but I wanted a cute hat to wear for protection during my trip to the ocean. Another Amazon customer shares, “This hat is the cutest best fitting hat, EVER!! I think it’s turning me into a hat person. The quality is great, the words ‘Hello Sunshine’ are very well stitched, and will look cute in some picture ideas that I have. I LOVE this hat!!”


This one goes out to all the mamas who are currently living in denial. Yes, you CAN pull off a hat… especially when it’s this stinkin’ cute. Channel island vibes at first wear with this tropical palm print bucket hat (we’re partial to the blush hue but the red floral print is pretty fine, too) that’s made for sippin’ poptails under the patio umbrella. Sunbathing in your backyard while the kiddos play in the sandbox? This 4 inch brim beauty is the PERFECT hat for those effortless summer days when you’ve got nowhere to go but still want to look on theme. And if the kids happen to sit on it, crush it or try it for themselves (as they will), it’s a sturdy cotton, so no worries.    

Says one happy Anthro shopper, “I bought this on a whim as I’m always on the lookout for a good hat to shield my face from the sun. Bonus – it folds/packs flat for vacations!” *Adds to cart*


Ballin’ on a summer budget? Rock on with this ridiculously cute paper hat from UNIQLO’s latest collaboration with Finnish design house, Marimekko. If you’re familiar with the lifestyle brand, then you may already know them for their bold poppy prints and vibrant abstract patterns. With UPF50+ protection, this hat is practically made for backyard tea party/picnics or random outings with your LO that require a sunhat. (Bonus points if you team yours with the matching v-neck dress for a leisurely stroll on the boardwalk.) One customer shares, “This Marimekko sun hat is both functional and stylish. A must-have for the summer walks, social distancing in the backyard with family or days at the now opened beaches.” We almost forgot to add that it comes in three colorways (you can choose between a black wavy print, orange stripe, or pink dots)… good luck picking just one.


Five words: Bucket hats are back, baby. As far as polarizing trends go, it doesn’t get more WTF-worthy than this throwback classic rooted in the ’90s. If you can get onboard with biker shorts and tie-dye anything, then you sure as hell can embrace the bucket hat trend that’s taking summer by storm. Equal parts stylish and functional, this reversible black daisy fisherman bucket is the street-elevating accessory that your “mom” wardrobe needs. (Pssst: Topshop’s selling a very similar version for double the price… just sayin’.) 

If you’re not set on the daisies, then there are about 45 other patterns to choose from—including but not limited to a festive polka dot flamingo pattern and a denim sailor anchor print that’s perfect for the Fourth. Raves one Amazon customer, “These hats are adorable. They’re super cute and reversible so it’s like you get two hats for the price of one! Can’t beat that. The hat is a good universal size and the brim gives good sun protection to your face. Hat is lightweight and easy to pack. Great price too! I’ll probably buy a few more since they come in so many cute colors and designs.” 


Sun visors are cool again… this is the comeback trend we’ve all been jonesing for. Protect your peepers with a super sporty high-performance visor from Tory Sport. With a padded crown and elastic strap, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. First and foremost, it’ll work like a boss to block out harmful rays that usually leave you squinting. Rock it with a low-maintenance ponytail for a coveted athleisure look. The versatile navy hue makes it easy to coordinate with a variety of ensembles (everything from a white tennis skirt to a simple racerback t-shirt dress and OG Reeboks). While you may associate visors with certain spectator sports or Wimbledon, this pièce de résistance is just the thing to reach for when “mom duties” call. Supervising the kiddos in the backyard has never looked so good. One Shopbop customer shares, “I bought this for running but also can be used for every day – its got great coverage and is very comfortable.”


Give your summer wardrobe the tie-dye makeover it deserves, mama. Literally, we weren’t kidding when we said that bucket hats were here to stay. Not just restricted to cool adolescents who shop at UO, this neon hat would look adorable with a cropped t-shirt, bike shorts, and your favorite summer slides. Wear it around town, while floating down the river on a pool float, or just because you can. What can we say, this hat ~issa vibe~ on its own. Made from 100% viscose, it can easily be spot-cleaned if you spill BB’s juice on it or it gets left in the sand. Bonus: On days when you feel like bumming it (or disguising three-day-old hair), this bucket hat will allow you to fly under the radar.


Go big or go home with the sportiest hat of the season (available in an uber-trendy pastel color block design or black and white). If you’re the type of mom who lathers on SPF 100+ and wears a rashguard to the beach to keep covered, then this visor was made for you. The brim on this guy is twice the size of your normal visor or baseball cap, offering more shade for your forehead, neck, and chin. You can wear it while jogging or when playing lifeguard at the pool. With over 1K ratings on Amazon, customers love it too. “I love this visor hat! The extra-wide brim is perfect for sun protection on my morning walks. It’s protective from the sunshine and I can still keep my head up to see where I’m going without the sunshine getting in the way. There is a neck strap that you can add, for windy days. The back is secured with a stretchy band that has a clasp and can be adjusted. I can put my hair up and still have sun protection. Just what I wanted!


No matter where this summer takes you, one thing you won’t have to worry about is looking drab. With this SUPER cute bow-trimmed sunhat in your arsenal, you’re guaranteed to make a splash… even it’s just by the kiddie pool. #MomJokes We’re partial to the nautical blue and white grosgrain bow, but it’s also available in pink, navy, black, or white. Did we mention that it can be monogrammed with your initials? Oh yes. Toss it on with a chambray shirt and chinos or an airy maxi dress for a Montauk-worthy look. With well over 200 five star reviews, it’s easily a fan favorite. Says this Tuckernuck shopper, “I would give this hat an extra star if I could! It really does pack well and looks just perfect afterwards. The fit can be adjusted inside the hat. So glad I got the navy striped one but would love it in other ribbon colors too. I think it is worth the money to last a few years.” TL;DR Buy this hat and you won’t be sorry. 


Say “aloha” to the cutest hat in town. Part visor, part straw hat, this summer-friendly topper is ready for a hammock break or camping trip with the fam. Toss it in your beach bag alongside flip flops and a bikini coverup for an off-duty look that won’t cramp your style. Thanks to the funnel shape, you can even pull a ponytail through the opening. AKA, no dreaded hat hair to speak of!

Take it from this mama, “I love this visor hat thing! I bought this on impulse this summer after realizing that I needed some face protection from the sun while at the pool with my toddler… My favorite part about it is that it protects my hair from the water a little bit. My hair is long and curly and somewhat high-maintenance. I have been trying to find a way to keep it dry so that I don’t have to do a full wash routine after every trip to the pool, while I still want to get in the water and play with my kid. I’ve given up on swim caps. But I was pleasantly surprised by this! I put my hair into a topknot and this hat over the top, and the brim provides some splash protection! As long as I don’t go under or really jump around, my hair can still be mostly dry afterwards. I like having that flexibility.


Whether you live in the Windy City or by the beach (or anywhere in between), it would be nice to find a hat that actually stays put. Keep your head up with this wide brim sun hat featuring an adjustable chin strap. Just think: No more runaway hats to chase after (you’ve got your hands pretty full as is)! It’s packable and foldable so that you can easily toss it in a suitcase or take it on a hike without ruining its shape. Made from UPF 50+ material, this high-quality straw hat even has a sweat-absorbent inner band to keep you cool in the sweltering heat.

With a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon, customers can’t help but sing their praise. “I recently bought this hat for a week-long trip to Arizona, and it is a wonderful purchase! The hat got folded up and shoved in a very packed purse on the plane, and it looked a little crumpled when I pulled it out many hours later, but lo, overnight it went back to its shape, and it’s perfect again, without any steaming or shaping! It’s just the right weight, and a true, sturdy chin strap (needed up in the mountains, or I would have had it blow away).”


Looking to update your summer wardrobe? Gear up for the rest of the season with these mom-approved summer fashion essentials!

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