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Virility test: Boris’s press-up charm offensive falls flat | Politics



It was a tough gig for Boris Johnson in his weekend media round, as he sought to persuade an anxious public that he was both as “fit as a butcher’s dog” and a hands-on father to a new baby.

He might have fared better if he were more evolved as a man; as it is, he plainly equates parenting with femininity and strength with masculinity. And so, dancing between these polar opposites, it came to pass that he did an atrocious job of describing both.

His involvement with his baby sounded just plain weird (“I’m both present and involved in a detailed way,” he declared, like someone who’s just been busted sleeping on a conference call). His athleticism was displayed mainly in the accompanying photographs, and that was his undoing.

Boris Johnson displaying his Get Well Soon cards sent in by children while he was ill with Covid-19

Boris Johnson attempts to convince the nation of his fitness after recovering from Covid-19. Photograph: Andrew Parsons/10 Downing Street/AFP via Getty Images

Men – no offence – are obsessed with press-ups as an indicator of virility; it’s weird because so many things are harder (planks, pull-ups), but I believe it originated with Charles Bronson’s prison workouts, so that’s fine. It’s absolutely fine for a prime minister to be wooing national opinion by aping the self-fashioning of Britain’s most notorious armed robber. Nothing weird about 2020 whatsoever.

It’s not the best example of the home exercise genre: for starters, he appears to be doing it in full office wear, complete with a tie. Nobody wants to be an athleisure nazi, but there is a foundational purpose to fitness wear, viz, it is breathable and moves with your body. He has a slight cat’s back posture, which if he were to attempt a real push-up in it, would lead to a lower-back injury pretty soon. And – making allowances for the completely inappropriate clothing, which makes his body rather illegible – his stance overall looks sloppy and shambolic, a hairs’ breadth from collapsing in a heap. Look at the way his head disappears, exhausted, begging for the sweet relief of gravity.

A bare-chested Russian leader Vladimir Putin rides a horse during his vacation outside the town of Kyzyl in Southern Siberia.

A bare-chested Russian leader Vladimir Putin rides a horse during his vacation outside the town of Kyzyl in Southern Siberia. Photograph: Alexey Druzhinin/AFP/Getty Images

Many were discomfited by the image being so reminiscent of Putin, famously photographed on a horse, or with a leopard cub, or in an icy spring. The parallel should, above all, make us grateful that Johnson isn’t bare chested, which would be a truly chilling authoritarian display. Nevertheless, to see a prime minister wage a charm offensive using his biceps would be unfamiliar and chilling, even if he were using them correctly.

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Billie Shepherd slammed for breaking lockdown rules with Charlotte Crosby and Jacqueline Jossa




Billie Shepherd has come under fire for flying out to Ibiza and seemingly breaking lockdown rules alongside Charlotte Crosby and Jacqueline Jossa.

The ladies have flown off for a new In The Style campaign and although a lot of fans were excited about an upcoming launch, others couldn’t help but point out that they didn’t appear to be adhering to social distance rules.

“Girls on tour!! So excited to be in Ibiza with @inthestyle and to celebrate a REALLY exciting week there is 40% off everything right now on the @inthestyle app✌🏻so much nice stuff so treat yourself ladies 💕,” they all wrote on Instagram.

However it didn’t take long for their followers to point out that they’re all standing pretty close together considering we’re meant to keep one metre distance.

“What happened to one metre distance? Social distancing hasn’t stopped, irresponsible disappointments in one. Why are you promoting and encouraging people to ignore the rules,” wrote one person.

Someone else said, “I love all three of you but OMG is no one else freaked out about the blatant disregard for the rules we’re supposed to be following or have I massively missed another easing of lockdown????? Someone pls tell me 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔”.

A third commented, “So sad to see young influencers ignoring what’s going on in the world, especially when you have young impressionable followers”.

Another argued, “They are social influencers they should be influencing what to do, and not what you shouldn’t be doing. Too many people follow celebs and copy what they do and can’t think for themselves. They have a moral responsibility to lead by example not bad behaviour.”

One more asked, “Social distancing???”.

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Billie Faiers White Asymmetric Pleated Lace Puff Sleeve Dress

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Whether you’re getting dressed up for brunch, a wedding or a boujee Zoom call with your friends, you’re going to want to wear this gorgeous dress.

Billie Faiers Pink Rose Print Puff Sleeve Ruched Dress

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We LOVE this ruched dress; from the plunge neckline to the puff sleeves – we need it in our wardrobe.

Billie Faiers Pink Floral Print Puff Sleeve Co-Ord Top

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We love a co-ord because you don’t have to put much effort into your outfit. You just need this cute top and the matching skirt…

Billie Faiers Pink Floral Print Co-Ord Frill Mini Skirt

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… You can complete this look by grabbing the skirt. It’s the perfect outfit for a socially distanced picnic with pals.

Billie Faiers Pink Peony Print Floral Asymmetric Mini Dress

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In need of a new outfit? Why not grab this dress. It has a plunge neckline, it’s one shoulder and we love the drape detail.

Billie Faiers White Drape Detail Blazer Dress

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Blazer dresses are PERFECT for date night or dinner with the girls. Pair it with some strappy heels and you’re good to go.

Billie Faiers Ornate Print Keyhole Front Frill Mini Dress

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This keyhole mini dress is a vibe and speaks for itself.

Billie Faiers Pink Ditsy Print Wrap Mini Dress

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CREDIT: In The Style

This mini dress is perfect for the summer time (when the weather is warm). We love the ruffled detail – it’ll add something to your outfit.

However others were quick to defend the trio with one person arguing, “They’re working and in a social bubble, sure they get checked temperature etc at the airport so all correct procedures in place. Life is now slowly and thankfully getting back to normality”.

Another added, “Don’t worry about what other people are doing huns”.

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It was just the other day that Billie shared photos from Nelly Shepherd’s Candyland themed party and it left some of her followers questioning whether they were all socially distanced because it appeared that more than six people attended the ‘do.

And days before Billie was slammed, Jacqueline hit out at Zara over their clothes sizes in their shops.

“Loads of people asked me about my Zara haul because I went shopping the other night. To be honest, I had a mental breakdown yesterday basically because the sizing in Zara is offensive,” she explained.

The former EastEnders actress went on to add that she was forced to return a lot of the clothes due to them being too small.

“I was shocked when I got home yesterday honestly. I’m a size 12 and the large wouldn’t fit me from Zara.

“I had to get the extra large which is not a problem but you know people who are over a size 14, size 16, size 18, do they just not shop in Zara?”

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